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Resistance Training as Effective as Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss

According to a meta-analysis of existing studies, individuals struggling with their weight who’re not able to manage aerobic exercise can engage in resistance training exercise as an alternative and still achieve positive results.

Even though it’s commonly believed that aerobic exercise is absolutely necessary for weight loss, the study determined that resistance training also has positive results when combined with calorie intake reduction.

The researchers said the results demonstrated that resistance training can have a significant impact on weight loss, muscle mass, and fat mass. We usually only hear mention of aerobic exercise when talking about weight loss, body composition, or obesity.

This study shows that resistance training can be used to achieve meaningful effects with a caloric reduction-based diet. BMI, body weight body, whole-body fat mass, and fat percentage can be reduced. If the literature is compared, these effects are comparable to those achieved with aerobic exercise and caloric restriction in obese or overweight individuals.

Individuals struggling with obesity must have options other than just aerobic exercise for weight loss. This group may not be comfortable with the prospect of  30 or 40 minutes on a bicycle or treadmill. Ligaments, joints, knees, and more can be injured because their whole body weight has to be carried while performing most aerobic exercises.

Resistance training also caters to other important factors when wanting to lose weight, which include preserving or building muscle mass.

The study also revealed that resistance training is effective in preventing losing muscle mass when calorie intake is reduced.

The study was however not a comparison between resistance and aerobic exercise.  Calorie intake would also have to be reduced regardless of which type of exercise individuals choose, calorie intake has to be reduced to lose weight.

Resistance Training As Effective As Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

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